I have a mess of pics from the day parties. This is a hot mess. I am still doing forensics on who and where based on when. I have a rough idea of where I was, but add in an occasional adult beverage, the fact that these were taken five days into my SxSW and I have a lousy memory, you can understand if the details evade. Regardless, these are all my favorite shutter clicks from the unofficial that has become official.

From MWTX to The Fader Fort presented by Converse (professional obligation there, you can thank Converse for saving Fader Fort), I got all kinds of bands performing in daylight. Yech, daylight…

There are a bunch early on from a day/night party at Mohawk and DeVille, including Kool Keith and Bear in Heaven. Deal with it being dark; it was unofficial.
Bear in HeavenBear in HeavenBear in HeavenBear in HeavenBear in Heaven