Little Dragon

Here is how I summed up this set over at Austin Town Hall.

"I ate the $10 bucks for the pedicab across town from Mellow Johnny’s to Lustre Pearl to make sure I was inside in time to catch Little Dragon’s showcase. Xpress pass, front of line, in I go. I managed to catch the latter half of Black Lips’ usual antics, including a finale with butt cheeks in the air, penis on guitar. Once done, my brain had to recalibrate to take in Yakumi Nagano’s haunting vocal. There was a transformation from mosh pit to dance party, “Blinking Pigs” sealing the deal and first time live song “If You Need” (what my notes say at least) followed by a seven minute instrumental jam where Yakumi jumped from keys to drums to just dancing with the rest of us. There was a James Blake sighting. Little Dragon’s set finished with soft and elegant song in tribute to relatives and friends in Japan. Moving stuff."

It was good. Really good. I loved every moment.
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